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Jenny Rogers

Jenny Rogers

GOTR X Athleta

Since the beginning, Athleta has stuck by Girls on the Run Memphis's side.

Its partnership formed when GOTR Memphis first launched in 2018, said Assistant Manager of Customer Experience and Community Outreach of Athleta Jennifer Sorin.

Sorin began as a volunteer as the program took off and soon after began working with Athleta. The partership blossomed from there, and the rest is history, she said.

"Athleta and GOTR have very similar missions and values," she said. "So, the partnership was a no brainer — instilling confidence in Girls!"

From pop-up coach lessons in Athleta stores to fashion shoots and giveaways, Athleta has continually supported the success of Girls on the Run.

Additionally, Athleta supplies the program's girls with race bags at every 5K, along with stickers, coupons and hair ties.

"It's away such a fun event," Sorin said. "We are honored to be a part of it!"


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Founded in 2018, Girls on the Run Memphis inspires girls to be joyful, healthy, and confident using a fun, experience based program that creatively integrates running. Our program establishes lifelong healthy habits and instills critical social and emotional skills at a time when girls need it most.

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