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Bryce Ellis

Bryce Ellis

GOTR Memphis sprints into its 5th year!

"Girls on the Run Memphis is sprinting into its 5th year of programming with unstoppable momentum! Across Memphis and Shelby County, 13 program sites are bustling with 88 coaches and 200 girls. And the excitement doesn't stop there! The program has also welcomed new participants at Freedom Prep, Power Center Academy Middle School, and Oasis of Hope.

During the kick-off event, a young girl's words left a lasting impression on me. She asked, 'Why can't Girls on the Run be every day?' Her simple question made me realize just how much this program means to these young girls and how it impacts their lives.

For those who are unfamiliar, Girls on the Run is a nonprofit organization that empowers and educates young girls through running and other physical activities. By developing essential life skills such as confidence, teamwork, and goal-setting, while promoting physical and emotional health, the program sets girls up for success both on and off the track.

Personally, I've always been told that I can accomplish anything I set my mind to, but it wasn't until I found my own passion for running that I truly believed it. Girls on the Run provides the same realization to young girls all across Memphis, showing them that their capabilities are limitless.

But the impact of Girls on the Run goes beyond the physical and emotional benefits. The program provides a safe space for girls to build lasting relationships with their peers and mentors. Through sharing their experiences and challenges, these girls create a supportive community that helps them grow and thrive.

In conclusion, the Girls on the Run Memphis kick-off event was a roaring success, and I'm thrilled to see the program's continued growth and impact on the lives of young girls in our community. As a social media marketing intern, I'm eager to use my platform to spread awareness about this incredible organization and encourage others to get involved. Let's join together to support these young girls and help make their dreams a reality!"


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Founded in 2018, Girls on the Run Memphis inspires girls to be joyful, healthy, and confident using a fun, experience based program that creatively integrates running. Our program establishes lifelong healthy habits and instills critical social and emotional skills at a time when girls need it most.

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