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Peace Abhieyighan

Peace Abhieyighan

Diary of a Coach: Happy Spring Break!

Dear Readers,

              It is so great to see all of our GOTR girls at their various sites again after an exciting and life-changing fall season.  Our girls, coaches, and site administrators are all smiles are we welcome back both old and new faces to our GOTR girl and coaching teams. Now that the Spring season is in full swing, let us see how our girls at Sharpe Elementary are doing so far.

              This season, our Sharpe girls are working enthusiastically towards the 5K for the Spring. With a brand-new curriculum that contains fun activities, our girls eagerly look forward to socializing and running with their teammates as well as their coaches. New bonds are being formed on and off the track between the girls as they partake in the warm-up and workout activities. Each practice brings new running goals, and a newfound  excitement for the Spring 5K.

As we run, walk, jog, laugh, and grow alongside our girls, we, as coaches, are reminded of the importance of friendship and girlhood within our very own GOTR Memphis community. I hope that our girls continue to share their light and these values with them as they prepare for the spring break.

We miss you already, girls! Have a splendid Spring Break.



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